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Bentz's Betrayal

Cliff Bentz: Betraying His Oath and Oregonians


"Did Rep. Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario) fail Oregonians when he voted against the certification of Pennsylvania's electoral votes?"

Yes, he most certainly did." Source Weekly

That was the question posed and answered by the Source Weekly just ten days after Cliff Bentz was sworn into office and one week after he voted to disenfranchise millions of Americans and betray his freshly taken oath to defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. 

Instead of voting to defend the Constitution and support the peaceful transfer of power after President Biden was elected in a free and fair election, Bentz stood with Donald Trump and his mob. He stood with them through his un-American actions until they entered the Capitol, then he was forced into hiding, like the rest of his colleagues. 

Bentz's extremist views and his willingness to betray Oregonians didn't start when he got to Washington, D.C. and it has only gotten worse. In his first term in Congress he has voted no on a bill that would expand care to veterans exposed to toxic substances, while on duty. He voted no on legislation to cap the price diabetics have to pay for insulin. A vote that would have saved hundreds of dollars per month for thousands of his constituents. He voted no to expand FEMA funding that was designed to save rural hospitals, struggling to keep their doors open thanks to the pandemic. In fact, the only time Cliff Bentz seems to vote yes is when he is told to by his party, or when it serves the out-of-state corporate, special interests who keep him so well-funded.

Bentz's anti-veteran stance is particularly harmful in CD2 because of the disproportionately high rates of veterans in the district. It is very likely that Cliff Bentz's votes against veterans have harmed neighbors and friends in his home town of Ontario. His votes have absolutely hurt thousands of veterans he has never, and will never meet across CD2. 

Cliff Bentz Votes NO on Oregonians

Cliff Bentz's betrayal is most obvious in his NO votes on the issues that impact Americans in Oregon's Congressional District 2 and beyond. Here is a sample of NO votes by Mr. Bentz since taking office 20 months ago. While it is not clear who he is fighting for, it is clear he is NOT fighting for Rural Oregon! 


Veterans & their Families


  • S 3373: Provides $$ for the education of kids whose parents died in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • HR 3967: The PACT Act: Makes veterans who have been exposed to toxic substances while on duty eligible for medical and mental health care in the VA system.

  • HR 239: Prohibits the VA from charging a co-pay for contraceptives if commercial insurance is not allowed to charge a co-pay.


Health and Reproductive Rights  ​


  • HR 1916: Requires insurance companies to pay for congenital anomalies and birth defectsHR 8373: Guarantees access to contraception

  • HR 3775: Prohibits governmental restrictions on abortions

  • HR 8296 & 8297: Ensures access to abortion

  • HR 6833: Caps cost-sharing in commercial health insurance and Medicare to $35 per month


Workers Rights


  • HR 6087: Reduces costs of Workers’ Compensation claims by allowing Nurse Practitioners to provide care.

  • HR 2499: Allows federal firefighters access to Worker’s Comp for illness contracted due to fighting fires.

  • HR 963: Limits the use of pre-dispute arbitration requirements.

  • HR 3992: Prohibits employers from limiting, segregating, or classifying job applicants on the basis of age.


Voting Rights​

  • HR 4: The John Lewis Voting Rights Act.


Gun & Public Safety and Domestic Terrorism     

  • HR 6538: Develops a national coordinator for active shooter events.

  • HR 2377: Helps states set up temporary protection orders to prevent people who are likely to harm people from owning a gun

  • HR 791HR 350: Combats the infiltration of Nazis and White Supremacists in the military and the Federal police

  • HR 1620: Re-authorizes the Violence Against Women Act 


Farmers and Farmworkers


  • HR 7606: Provides loans to farmers and helps lower fertilizer costs.




  • Bentz has a 17% rating from the League of Conservation Voters

  • HR 1437:  Helps improve precipitation estimates in a time of drought.

  • HR 2467:  Directs EPA to list PFAS/PFOS as hazardous substances (in non-stick cookware and weatherproof clothing, e.g.) and to study them further.


Lower Income Families


  • HR 6531: Helps increase the federal investment in areas of persistent poverty

  • HR 2547: Restricts some of the worst practices of debt collection agencies


Pandemic Disruption and Small Business    


  • HR 3807: Provides an additional $42 Billion for restaurants and entertainment venues who had significant losses during the pandemic.




  • HR 3684: The BIG infrastructure bill, the Invest In America Act

  • HR 3193: Awards grants to public-private partnerships to provide/extend/expand broadband

Information compiled from the U.S. Congressional Clerk page:

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