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Letters to the Editor - A Guide

Letters to the Editors of local papers can have powerful impacts on voter turnout and which candidate is selected. If you would like to write a letter in support of Joe and his campaign, thank you. Joe is running to serve the people of OR02 and to be their voice in Washington, so to have voters offer to be a voice for him during this time is truly special.

Here we offer a guide for writing letters to editors of local news outlets. Whether you are an experienced letter writer, or this is your first time, resources and suggestions are always helpful. If you are a first time letter writer, please consider this a guide you can follow to produce an impactful letter that has a good chance of being published. If you are an experienced letter writer, please consider this a refresher you can use to sharpen your letter writing skills or to make sure you stay on message.

The Basics

Length: Keep it short. Most newspapers have a maximum length of 250 - 300 words allowed.

Tone: Write in a mature, polite manner and avoid name-calling or "mud-slinging."

Topic: Stick to one topic and focus on that for your letter. If your subject is gun safety, don't also talk about environmental issues.

Target: Pick one publication to submit your letter to.

Potential Subjects

While you can write about any subject you decide to, here are some of the topics we suggest:


Bentz's Betrayal: From his vote to disenfranchise millions of Americans just three days into his time in DC to his continued no votes on legislation that would help people in OR02, Bentz has shown us who he is fighting for and against. Joe will work for the voters of OR02 and never betray his oath.


Veterans Issues: During his short time in office, Bentz has left our veterans abandoned here at home. Most recently with his no vote on the PACT Act. As a Veteran, Joe takes this personally and will work every day to ensure that all Vets receive the care and support they have earned and no one is left behind on the battlefield, or here at home.


Reproductive Freedom: Bentz has taken an Anti-choice, forced-pregnancy and child birth position, putting his theology above the Constitution. Joe is ardently pro-choice and knows that choice = freedom. He will work relentlessly to codify Roe and to get a Constitutional Amendment to protect a woman's right to choose.

Democracy: On January 6th he sided with Trump and his violent mob. He has continued that position, voting against measures designed to prevent another violent attack on our Democracy. Joe will work with his colleagues to ensure that January 6th, while as horrific as it was, is a singular event in our nation's history.

Gun safety: Bentz refuses to even consider efforts to rein in gun violence in our country, voting with the NRA every time. Joe is a proud gun owner and hunter and understands that we can codify our right to keep and bear arms, while making our communities safer and stronger. No one needs an assault rifle or high capacity magazines.

Economy/Jobs: Bentz voted no on the Infrastructure Bill and the Inflation Reduction Act, both of which will boost local economies, while the latter will help our economy through reduced inflation. Joe will work with local business and community leaders to take advantage of opportunities for new economic developments that will be sustainable and provide family-wage jobs.

Climate change/Environment: Bentz is a climate denier, who has worked most of his elected life against climate action. During his time in Congress he voted against the most progressive climate legislation ever in the Inflation Reduction Act and is against Senator Wyden's River Democracy Act, which will help restore critical watersheds and aquatic habitats throughout Oregon. Joe will partner with Senator Wyden and colleagues in Congress to protect our precious ecologies, while strengthening communities against climate chaos.

Sample Letter

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