I'm Joe Yetter.

Our nation is in crisis. We face unprecedented threats from without and within and extremists politicians are making things worse. Now is a time for American leaders. That's why I'm running for Congress as the Democratic nominee. 

Joe Yetter is the leader CD2 needs.

Joe will

*Honor Oregon's way of life

*Protect our Democracy and 

*Build a better future for our children.


If you want a Congressperson who will wake up everyday with these three things as his North star, you had

Better Vote Yetter! 

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"I really felt like the people in the second congressional district were not being well represented in terms of their values and interests by Cliff Bentz," he explained...

"On Jan. 6, three days after he put up his right hand and swore to protect and defend the Constitution of the U.S., he violated that, in my opinion, by voting not to seat the Pennsylvania electors," he said. "The people of Pennsylvania had spoken — they had spoken in greater numbers than the same numbers that elected him to office. The courts had held that it was valid and so on. He wished to substitute his judgment and the judgment of the fake electors for the real electors and for the real voters of Pennsylvania."



I am a proud gun owner and like millions of other gun owners, I believe in the importance of gun safety.


Together, with my fellow gun owners we must be stronger than the thugs and bullies who have gaslit us into believing that we have to oppose all gun safety measures. Together, we can elect officials who will lead, instead of follow and show the courage this moment requires, the courage our children deserve by supporting common sense gun safety measures.

The time for political platitudes like “thoughts and prayers” and “keeping schools appropriately protected,” are long gone. We need real, bold action from leaders who won’t avoid difficult choices just to appease corporate lobbyists who profit in the billions while our children pay the ultimate price. 



Veteran. Teacher. Farmer. Physician.

Joe joined the United States Army on September 5, 1968, and retired as a Colonel on January 31, 2004.  "My oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, remains in effect," he is fond of saying.


Joe went to medical school to save lives. Just as he took an oath to defend our Constitution, he took the Hippocratic oath that obliged him to serve other people to the best of his ability, without regard to his own self-interest. He is proud to have taught hundreds of younger doctors in multiple medical specialties, touching eternity as only a teacher can.


As a farmer, Joe has raised livestock and grown crops. He's deeply aware of the difficulty in making a financial success of a small farm, of the challenges of water rights, weather, and the vagaries of markets. He loves producing healthful food for neighbors and friends.

"I've served my country, my patients, my students, and my neighbors. Please allow me to serve you," said Yetter.

Joe Yetter veteran with his father in 1968
Children in School Bus