I'm Joe Yetter.

Our nation is in crisis. We face unprecedented threats from without and within and extremist politicians and activist judges are making things worse. Attacks on our personal freedoms and our Democracy threaten the values we hold sacred as Americans. Now is a time for American leaders to HONOR our way of life, PROTECT our freedoms and Democracy and BUILD a better future for our children.

If you want a Congressperson who will wake up every day with these three things as their North star, you had



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The hellscape that has resulted from the effects of climate change and forestry practices that stripped hillsides of vegetation and worked to suppress every fire no matter the location, the time of year or the conditions on the ground has revisited Oregon and our neighbors in the West once again. As your representative I will work with Senators Wyden and Merkley to meet the challenges of climate change, provide our farms and farmworkers with the resources they need and get climate driven, mega fires under control. Click here to keep up to date on all the fires in our region. Stay safe neighbors.


Since the moment Cliff Bentz proclaimed himself an enemy of American Democracy by siding with Trump and his treasonous mob, he has continued to betray the citizens of OR02 in his actions, his words and most importantly, his votes. Cliff Bentz claims to have..."always been on the side of veterans." In fact, it is one of his favorite things to say in town halls. Yet, he has voted against the interests of Veterans over and over again. From denying Veterans set insurance prices on medication to voting against the PACT Act. Cliff Bentz has shown us one thing in his 20 months in office, he does not represent the people of Congressional District 2! As your representative I will listen to what you need and work every day to be your voice in Washington. Click here to check out more on Bentz's Betrayal!


Veteran. Teacher. Farmer. Physician.

Joe joined the United States Army on September 5, 1968, and retired as a Colonel on January 31, 2004.  "My oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic, remains in effect," he is fond of saying.


Joe went to medical school to save lives. Just as he took an oath to defend our Constitution, he took the Hippocratic oath that obliged him to serve other people to the best of his ability, without regard to his own self-interest. He is proud to have taught hundreds of younger doctors in multiple medical specialties, touching eternity as only a teacher can.


As a farmer, Joe has raised livestock and grown crops. He's deeply aware of the difficulty in making a financial success of a small farm, of the challenges of water rights, weather, and the vagaries of markets. He loves producing healthful food for neighbors and friends.

"I've served my country, my patients, my students, and my neighbors. Please allow me to serve you," said Yetter.

Joe Yetter veteran with his father in 1968
Joe being sworn in to the U.S. Army by his father, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Yetter II. September, 1968.
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